Toward Castle

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Toward Castle


tis another strange new day…

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2nd December 2011

I know, it been a while and I will be on to update soon, she says again!!! Its all good.

So yesterday I had a tweak and I fell I need to report it. It kinda took me by surprise.

I have been switched on for about 1 year and 2 months. I have 3 programmes and they have not changed. I have only had my tones/pitch and my volume twiddles with a wee bit. Bloody hell its mad. SOOOOO much wider, i think is the word,maybe not wider, because that what I felt when I had my IDR turned up to 70 from 60 on 1 program , it more…… round, pot bellied . I have my base turned up slightly and my highs lowered a wee bit. I think, but don’t quote me on it, that it feels(sounds) more natural?!

Will take a few weeks to get used to but I’m liking it, in a strange way.

And I thought it was great before…..

Its a crazy world this C.I business

It also has a great effect with social interaction. It a learning curve, for me and my husband. WE are so very used to another way of life. I could not communicate in a group of 4 now I can but I forget that my husband is still in that  mode. He cannot hear the change.  Cochlear implant is such a massive change of life,  for the positive but you have to remember that its not just you that it affects. We can hear it our partners and friends cant.

So many different aspects of it creep up over time, its mad.

I went down to the beach last week, it was cold and grey but my wee camera managed to take a beautiful picture. The sea helps me be relaxed, ebb and flow……..

This Advanced Bionics does seem to be getting better and better. Im very lucky it going smoothly.

I can scarcely believe how much better it sounds after a wee tweak. I’m well aware it could have gone the other way. Its hard to gauge noise in a soundproof room. Always have a list of questions.

Early days but got a good feeling…


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Here is a link to my exhibition. My nephew did this video for my mum and dad as they couldn’t make it.

Its fabby!!!

Hope the link works?




363 days since switch on…

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Just a quick note to say hello Im still about, just out and about rather than hanging about 🙂

Life is good.

Tomorrow I am 40 then the next day I have been activated for a year.  What a year its been!!

I have a lot to write up on my blog. Will be doing it right after I have a few celebrations over the next few day….and written some more!

Also I am having my exhibition soon. Another reason for my absence.

It is called     CORNFLAKES ARE NOISY.

Should be good, will post pics once its opened. I’m excited about it, its vibrant and happy.  My first ever art exhibition!

You can see this painting as its on the flyers but that’s all.

                                       whirlwind of noise

The Burgh Hall in Dunoon Argyll is the venue.

From 24th September- 2nd October 2011

Times    12-3pm weekdays     11-4pm Saturday/Sunday

Ferrys run twice an hour from Gourock to Dunoon( passenger only).

Will be back soon!


Kinda like a dream…

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So, here we go again –  been tooo long since my last blog. Been out and about, oh yeah!

RIGHT- I must get this done, been a few weeks since typing the above sentence.

A while back…

Going from being deaf to everything mostly, apart from base, is hard going. You are the same person you have always been but you can hear. Thats so much harder than it sounds.

Its frustrating.

Cant put yer finger on it.

Having to concentrate on sound and work out how not right it is sounding. When you are not even sure how it should sound in the first place.

Would it have been easier to be a baby again and start from scratch rather than picking up where you(think) left off!

So my 9 months tweak was yesterday and I can safely say I’m fairly happy with how the world is sounding.

The radio recepiotn in the living room has thrown a wobbly for a while now. Dont know why. I used to be able to have it out of tune and not notice at all.  Now it drives me bonkers.


……….and I’m back.

12 July 2011


I love music, have always listened and had to adjust when my hearing decreased.

You dont miss what you dont know.


Is the stereo shit,

Am I hearing shit,

or is the music or singer shit?!

Some old tunes sound great some awful.

Tonight I am sitting in the middle of two guitars. One 12 string and 6 string acoustic

Its beautiful.

I am on IDR 70 – no clearvoice.

The whole sound is just….Oh I don’t want to shed a tear but it is that beautiful, full of life, a round sound.

Thats the great thing when good friends visit, good times happen, beautiful times are had and heard.

I can talk about sound. Oh sound is so important, it can raise so many emotions.

I cant believe just how much of a learning curve this C.I is! Good God, its a whole new world.


To feel warm, fuzzy part of whats going on a round you.

might only have 1 C.I but some sounds fill my head.

I still have a lot of auditory memory which now and again is helping me to put my jigsaw together. Now new with old sound.

You couldn’t make this sorta stuff up!

Otter Ferry

10th month to the day for my C.I

I had been keeping an eye on the weather last week as we are to go to Otter ferry saturday night.

It wasnt looking promising…

I had a pre C.I party panic and tried to chicken out. Calmed down and told myself – I CAN HEAR!

Sounds silly but its easy to forget that I can hear in these situations now. Snigger

Sat 16th july- 10 minth since my switch on.

I am partying on a beach in the sun listening to a couple of bands. Beautiful. Was hard not to cry but I managed.  I may never have stopped if id started. Have another beer girl – you deserve it!

I have just been brushing my teeth and pitch and tone have just come alive!

Its a weird thing. Ever since being switched on its been more about volume than other stuff. Pitch and tone are becoming an interesting thing to explore. Guitars… Tonight I heard a fiddle just in front of me. Our friends 15 year old daughter plays. It was amazing. I could cry( I am nearly doing that a lot!)so much at the recent live music I have been lucky enough to hear.


Im totally just gonna get this up just now as I have a shed load of new stuff to write up.

Its been a bit crazy lately, in such a good way.


More soon I totally promise!




Year of the party

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29th May 2011

This is the year that one of my oldest friends celebrated her 40th birthday.  We came home yesterday after going to her party on Friday night.

I didn’t feel nervous about  how it would sound. Thats just such an amazing thing to be, not nervous! It takes a bit of getting used to. I still think I wont be able to understand/hear people but I can! Its like my body knows I will be able to hear and Im feeling fine but my brain hasn’t quite got it yet.  Im that wired to not hearing, apart from base, its gonna take time. I obviously am going to have to party more!

It was an experiment as well. Im learning how things work, again.  I did a lot of stuffing my finger in the hearing ear.  Just to see how much base I can actually hear. I don’t hear any base at all when its just the C.I doing the hearing. I like base.  I didnt really know how loud the music was either but folk said it was really loud. My hubby says I could probably hear better than most folk in the room.     Now that is a big turnaround!!

Its was a brilliant night.

Yeah…just unbelievable!




Birds between the showers

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10th May 2011

In the brief moment when the rain stopped the sounds of the birds became so intense so quickly.

The sound leaves me in a awe.

Then the rain starts again.

11th May 2011

I walked along the beach home and noise of the rain on the beach, the sea and my hood was so loud. I thought there was a singing going on some were, with a possible siren going on too. Sometimes I think Im going mad will all these noises round about me.