And then it was 3

Yup that 3 years since becoming a borg and I think you will agree with me in saying its changed my life and time just slips by without realising. My poor blog has suffered but its for a good cause 😉 

Its 3 years 1 month and 2 days since I was switched on. 

My post earlier today was very random but important! The film that I’m in We Are Northern Lights is up for a Bafta, the Scottish Audience Award Bafta! Yup and we need every vote we can get.  You can watch the movie online (not sure if worldwide yet?!) and I will attempt to get it on here but may need to get help. You can get to the cineworld site via the We Are Northern Lights website.

Voting is open till 29th October 2013, I think. Check out the other films also though. Im thinking of going to see I am Breathing, sounds an incredible film. Vote for us though!! 


Just got carried away trying to work out how to get the film on here…without loosing what Im writing….right leave it turmeau and get on with the blog…been too loong.


written on the 3rd October 2013

Just kinda thinking about whats been happening in the past wee while.

I did Cowal Open Studio’s for the 2nd year at Guy Elders( Yorik, google it) place, he is a wood carver and green oakwood builder. Amazing place and my jewellery looks cracking there. That was 4 days, Friday till Monday, fabby to talk to strangers. Always makes it easier when you are in control of whats is being talked about. Not control but you know what I mean. Lots of folk I knew came by too, which was lovely of ’em all. 

So Wed (2nd Oct)  was the first showing for our new Cowal Cinema Club. It was a lovely film – oh the cinema, its gonna be great. This film was called The women on the 6th floor, French, subtitles( happy dayz!) 

Tonight was a exhibition opening at the Burgh hall. Lovely to chat (yes-chat in busy surroundings) to people I know but don’t ( don’t know how to explain this) because I’ve never been able to converse with them although they know me but I don’t know them. Its good and I’m starting to enjoy rather than being worried. A couple came to Cowal open studios and knew me from my Cornflakes exhibition. She actually said how it brought a tear to her eye and really made her think. It was such a lovely thing to say. I don’t quite know what to say when someone says something like that.


I love this cochlear implant more than I ever thought I would. I thought Id be able to hear but just hear if you get me but its changed my life and I love that. Just never imagined it would be this good. 


So Ive had my first job, what a joy that was. Cleaning it was but I dont care, someone’s gotta do it but what a great feeling getting a castle spic and span for kids to have fun and learning in.  ANYONE WHO KNOWS ME WILL KNOW THAT THIS IS NOT NORMAL BEHAVIOUR!! 

The building, oh my friend it became. I have so many photographs of the beautiful light flowing through the windows. 

I just feel much more positive about everything. Its weird. My hubby is waiting for a hip replacement. Its a tough time. I feel good that I can actually be strong and do stuff, like using the phone. I know to a hearing person they just don’t realise how much of a barrier there is for us (deafy folk). I used to use the phone a lot. Me and my pal at art school used to chat A LOT! It was mad, then having 13 years gap has kinda shattered my confidence. Im finding my way through. The fun I can have with cold callers is limitless, heeheeheeee.  Just how many times can you get one to repeat themselves after explaining that you have a cochlear implant but not till after the 3rd time of course!  I feel like a new woman. There are a lot of people who have helped me on my way. Far to many to mention but no 1 was Lee, lovely Lee. Who came when my life was on the runway, ready for take-off and because of this he never got a mention in my blog. 


That’s Ody, Lee and the view from under the big oak tree up the fields. 

He asked if he could come and talk to me about my C.I. His Dad had received a cochlear implant and he was smiling again. Lee was doing his degree and asked me if I would talk to him about mine. He came with his tent on Cowal games Saturday, was late, camped at west bay with rowdy neighbours, crazy boy!

We met up the next day, instantly felt familiar and he that he wasn’t gonna kill us in our sleep and cook us for breakfast. I’m assuming he felt the same, haahaaa. The dog liked him so that was a good sign. 

So Hubby and me talked to Lee all weekend about my C.I and how it is  and how it was. It was a wonderful weekend. Lee opened doors for me. I told him cause he was the beginning of being brave. Thank you for asking to come and talk. Crazy how things happen when you least expect it.

Just past 3 years past this thing in my head.

Sometimes I feel the bone growing over it.








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