Yup this Saturday sees the WORLD PREMIER of the

We Are Northern Lights film….which I is in. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH

My beautiful Ody dog is in it and the chooks( who sadly got munched by a pine martin on new years eve) 

Im not very good at embedding stuff etc, so check the We Are Northern Lights website or the Glasgow Film Theatre for details. It is going round Scotland and the dates are on the website. Think there is going to be a piece in the Glasgow Herald tomorrow(thursday 14th Feb)

Its the most mad thing that has ever happened to me….its gonna be so much fun. I have gathered family and friends to come along. 

My 15 mins of fame and I’m bloody well gonna make the most of it. 

This is what my cochlear implant is helping me do, how amazing is that. Who would have thought that Id ever be here in this position telling people about a film I’m in! HA

Right have to go find something to wear!!!!! 

Hope to see some of you there( if your can make it)


I might just burst with excitement.


Couldn’t have done it without my wonderful hubby’s support and encouragement. Love him.

Oh and this is Honey our new ward. She is a lovely soul and we are happy she is a part of our little family.  Image





~ by cyborginafield on February 13, 2013.


  1. Hi Soozie,

    guess who didn’t book their GFT tickets for today and got to the front of the queue just as Northern Lights sold out 😦 Really sorry to have missed you, they had to turf us out just after 3 cos it was so congested no-one could move, and the spouse had already noisily knocked a bit off one of the film lamps they had as props at the entrance! Never been so disappointed, what a fantastic atmosphere what with the red carpet and photographers and a mobbed foyer of very excited people.

    I had a wee card for you, but I’ll ask your fellow film-making nephew if he can forward it on when I see him on Monday. Hope you had an absolutely fantastic day and that there are more openings to come!

  2. I know, we shall find a way soon! Speaking of yakking, bumped into lovely G (from next door to you) on her way to her tutorial today, and had a good old chinwag which made her late. She was talking about your film, so I’ve successfully pressganged her into being the carrier pigeon for the belated congratulations card when she goes home to the sunny shores of Dunoon in a couple of weekends time. Result 🙂

    • The pigeon has returned and the special message has been despatched. While walking the dog last thing last night I had a surprise meeting along the back road. I could hear cackling coming from some were then G n her mam appeared from the dark ( from the pub). Only other noise was a tawny owl.
      Hahaha thank you Moira……its beautiful, especially loving the wee pocket heeheee. The film will be back in Glasgow April time, after its wee tour around Scotland.

      I am now the proud owner of my very own, very easy to see, cookie bite 🙂 I will wear with pride and only on dry days 🙂 Every cookie biter should have one.

      S x

  3. Hurrah, glad you got it in the end Soozie, that pigeon post is a darn sight more efficient than the Royal Mail that’s for sure!
    M x

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