year 2 and a bit

2 years and a bit!!! Blimey


I need to write up some stuff thats been happening SOON….promise…again.


I just dont know were the time goes any more but thats something that I never imagined happening ever. Oh life is good. So very very different from my past times. You cant imagine! Well you can read it, at the beginning of my journey.


Ok yes, tomorrow is my 2 year checkup, map, mr dreich and then a hearing aid thing. My tinnitus is pretty rubbish, so maybe some noise stimulation in my left ear might chill it oot a bit.

Right, I will be back in a wee while to set down whats been happening in my journey lately.





~ by cyborginafield on October 9, 2012.

2 Responses to “year 2 and a bit”

  1. Go for it, Girl, you deserve it. Listen to the stars sing.. miss your intuition; take care, Ju & Daisy.

  2. Soozie Q,
    Was just reading your blog. Watched your award winning video. Awesome on both. So sorry about your female GS. I used to have 7 and puppies and a forest to walk them all in…but no more. Only one old girlie now. I know how it feels to lay a great GS to rest. So very sorry. I hope you someday have another to enjoy your “hearing” with. I too have a “cookie bite”. Hearing aids don’t work for it. So happy for you and your hearing! ENJOY!

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