13 days later

21st September 2010

Tuesday night-beach – loud but couldn’t make it out – sad. Wednesday morning heard “I’m a believer” by the Monkeys in the car pretty well. Which was nice because that’s what we walked “down the aisle” to after we were been married.

Everything still high.

Thursday 23rs September 2010

Im tired after a day of tweaking (mapping) my smartie (C.I)

Last night it rained so much we thought we might be going 2 by 2 on a big ark to Crosshouse (its on a hill) hospital. Luckily our way was clear this morning.

Different Audiologist -I don’t mind, good to get various opinions and expertise.  We talked about how I found the 2 programmes and looked at my questionnaire. I also had my book  with pages from my blog, just so I didn’t forget anything. I felt the first 2 programmes were so different.  1st was fluffy- soft, 2nd was hard- spiky- barded wire.  I had had 4 days on each programme.

We went through all the electrodes getting them to comfort (beeps) levels without getting distorted.  They weren’t quite so much of a contrast after this felt a lot better to my brain.

I now have the same 2 programmes, slightly tweaked(mapping is the technical term) 1st prog for week 1, 2nd prog for the week 2  and 3 week I can choose which I feel most comfortable with. After that I am back for more mapping(14th October), they will take the other programme away and then work with the programme that I feel happiest with.

I got a new dry box, another dry box(zephyr) she mentioned its good if C.I get soaked, two wee battery’s and a few funky covers. Funky covers aren’t great, I’m going to have to think about how I can make my C.I a bit more me. If any other C.I users out there has  A.B smartie cover that’s orange or purple they don’t use-can I have em?? Also got some weird clear rubber stuff to use to hold C.I on if I’m moving my head about lots and it might fly off, again -think I will find a groovy headband or something!

Had a date with Mr Dreich after that, went through twice-both programmes. She said I did pretty good. Even with rain pelting the window. Its hard to concentrate, easier with my eyes shut for just sound words + sentences. I don’t know what percentage I got.

Sunday 25th September 2010

Went to Dunoon.

Yikes Its bloody noisy. I’m finding it hard. Everything is just a mass of noise. Hard to hear hubby above the chaos. Freaks me out that it is so different. I now in time it will become easier-time and patience.

It is a shock that everything sounds so, so….chaotic. I’m making out a few things here and there. After years of dull, low tones I have been rocketed to the other end of the scale-high tones everywhere.

So hard to describe. In the house I feel safe and the sounds are getting familiar, dog, food(cooking etc), computer, bathroom, carpet, clothes, husband, pulley, birds in garden. Outside of that is a BIG world of noise that at the moment-I cant understand.

I’m not comparing to how it used to sound, its just so different. Yes I am hearing things I never did before but also I’m hearing things that nobody else really “hears” cause its just everyday noises.  Like eating and stuff, god- eating is noisy sloppy sound. YUK!

Monday 27th September 2010

Managed to get a conversation with a dog walker that I never used to be able to hear! Ody was barking too, but not all the time! Still using lip reading.

Was able to webcam using voice for 1st time-ha ha ha!!

Sunday- went to friends art show. There weren’t to many people there- artist, his wife and daughter, a friend, my M and D, hubby and me. It was to much to soon. I could hear male voice over female even when speaking/listening to female. Just kinda to much noise coming from all over, confusing. I could see how the programme “clearvoice” would work in a situation like that.

Yesterday- Monday 27th September 2010

In the avo I tried Mr Stephen Fry narrating Harry Potter connected straight into my head( well C.I). That was alright, only missed a few words. Didn’t have the book-I have read it before and I was doing the dishes and hoovering. He doesnt sound like Stephen Fry though-still squeaking.

And I did, use video-not typing to speak(SPEAK) to my friend in Vancouver. That really was mental. I cant seem to get to excited though. I think its almost like its to good to be true just now. I’m not 100% sure its real. I think its gonna go or fail or something. Its just so bloody hard to get your head round after so may years of low noise and not hearing speech or anything.

Its brilliant, don’t get me wrong.  I’m just scared its gonna go away and Im gonna be left with nothing.

Its a hard step to take this C.I business.

I find it difficult to express just how freaking different this is.

Its as different as day and night.

The audi said to me that my brain is fighting at the moment because it is so used to the hearing aid sound. Were as the C.I is totally new and such a different kind of “hearing”. My poor brain.

Rice crispies-they do go snap, crackle and pop!!

Still not brave enough to eat crisps.

P.S  I did video my “switch on” but its like 2o mins long and I don’t know how to edit it, so at some point I will post it, don’t want to bore you all!!


~ by cyborginafield on September 28, 2010.

4 Responses to “13 days later”

  1. Oh, you have got to pop the whole video up!

    I love rice krispies sound. I was so surprised to find they really DO go snap crackle pop. I hate crisp packets and newspapers, well any kind of paper really.

    You’re doing well!

  2. Hi, Sounds like your brain is being overwhelmed big time. Best to take baby steps, just tell everyone to bog off till you are ready to handle all the claptrap they talk. lol

  3. This excellent website truly has all of the information and facts I wanted
    concerning this subject and didn’t know who to ask.

    • are you getting a C.I? There are various groups on FB which are wonderful lifelines for c.i candidates and recipients. Lots of us to answer any questions 🙂 I hope you arent spam

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